Patrick Henriroux – a chef who has been awarded two stars by the Michelin Guide and 4 chef's hats by Gault et Millau, at La Pyramide in Vienne, Isère

Portrait of Chef Patrick Henriroux

He arrived at La Pyramide in Vienne in 1989, at the age of 31, to take over the reins of the establishment and its kitchens. A young chef, who was awarded a Michelin star at La Ferme de Mougins and worked at the Auberge Bressane (Bourg-en-Bresse) and with Georges Blanc (Vonnas), Patrick Henriroux set off on an adventure with his wife Pascale in order to return La Pyramide (formerly the home of one of France's greatest chefs – Fernand Point) to its former glory.

He achieved success as early as 1990, just one year following his arrival, with a first star in the Michelin Guide. He was awarded a second star in 1992. He has never left since.

Since his arrival , Patrick Henriroux has always looked ahead and constantly reinvents himself , without losing sight of the quality of the ingredients that go into his cuisine, to which he remains very attached.

In 2005, his talent took him to Japan, where he became supervisor of the Palace Hotel Tokyo, followed by the restaurant Crown in 2012, which was awarded a star in the Michelin Guide two years later.

Patrick Henriroux imposes no limits on himself, simply the desire to please , surprise and delight . His cuisine and generosity are delectable in equal measure, to the great pleasure of his guests and their taste buds!

"Guests look for quality, authenticity and a delicious moment. The overall dining experience is essential, and that includes the setting, comfort, atmosphere, welcome, smiles, and kindness. We are essentially innkeepers, and we should never forget that."

Generous and subtle cuisine

Chef Henriroux's cuisine reflects his approach: generous , and driven by a search for the pleasure and satisfaction of his guests.

Born in 1958 in Haute-Saône, a farmer's son, he is firmly attached to the land that sustains us: his culinary creations bring out the best in the vegetables, which are cooked, seasoned and accompanied to perfection. The Chef creates outstandingly well-balanced recipes. Enjoy his creative gourmet dishes made with the very finest ingredients.

Patrick Henriroux is one of those talented restaurant owners for whom cuisine is an overall experience based on sharing and exchange , a warm welcome and sublime flavours. He produces exceptional gourmet creations that offer an unforgettable and rare culinary and personal experience .

A love for beautiful and fine ingredients

Chef Patrick Henriroux carefully selects the ingredients that go into his recipes, which are mainly sourced from local producers, with whom he builds a special relationship of trust. Above all, he appreciates the quality of ingredients and services provided by local suppliers.

Vienne and the surrounding region boast a remarkable range of local produce: there are many orchards that provide flavoursome fruits (in particular apricots, peaches and pears). You can also try the famous Bresse chicken served with renowned wines from the Rhône valley.

Preserving the history of the establishment while staying true to my philosophy: "remember the past, but remember to move with the times."